Can I work without losing my benefits?


Yes, it is called permitted work, which entitles a person who is receipt Employment Support Allowance (ESA) to earn up to £93 a week as long as they work less than 16 hours a week and must be paid the minimum wage which is…
• £5.80 – the main rate for workers aged 22 and over
• £4.83 – the 18-21 rate
• £3.57 – the 16-17 rate for workers above school leaving age but under 18.


(This information is subject to change and al participants can access an up to date benefits check).


If you work more than 16 hours a week you may be eligible for Working Tax Credits, which will give you extra income.


You will always receive the full support of the COASTAL team. We will always help you to understand any changes to your benefits before you make any commitments. 


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