5Pack Philips Halogen 12V MR16 50W GU5.3 36D 4000Hrs Dimmable Halogen Dichroic 58845100

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5Pack Philips Halogen 12V MR16 50W GU5.3 36D 4000Hrs Dimmable Halogen Dichroic 58845100

5Pack Philips Halogen 12V MR16 50W GU5.3 36D 4000Hrs Dimmable Halogen Dichroic 58845100

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Halogen lamps, like traditional incandescent lamps, use a tungsten filament, but they’re also filled with a small amount of halogen gas (such as iodine or bromine) in a capsule. Keep reading to learn more. How Do Halogens Work? One advantage of low-voltage spotlights is their sharper, brighter quality of light over their mains-voltage counterparts. In addition to display lighting, low voltage halogen spotlights are common in downlights and wire lighting systems. The LED bulb is one or more LED's with some sort of current limiting device called a driver, this is built into the bulb, not normally a stand alone unit, you can get stand alone drivers often rated around 320 mA with a voltage which varies from often 12 to 50 volt, point is a driver controls current not voltage, in the main a bulb has the driver built in, and needs a fixed voltage often 12 volt or 230 volt. The problem is as the user we have no idea what type of driver is inside the bulb.

The G9 is the most compact mains-voltage halogen bulb available, and because it requires no 12V transformer it’s widely used in extremely small light fittings. Energy-saving halogen technology is widely used in retrofit products designed to replace incandescent bulbs, many of which have been phased out by recent EU legislation. Halogen technology produces a marginally cooler, brighter-looking light than the old technology, and is better than incandescent light at rendering short wavelength colours (i.e. violets and blues). This is a low voltage MR16 GU5.3 50W halogen light bulb offering a warm white light (3000K) and having a 2500h lamp life. Low voltage (but not low energy) bulbs recessed into ceilings (known as ‘ down-lighters‘) and walls. These are usually MR16 bulbs, and they have a hidden transformer that steps down from mains 230 voltage to the 12 volts of the bulbs. They are also called ‘reflectors’ because they give directional light.

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It is high frequency changes in the supply voltage that make the LED current drivers operate in an unstable manner.

If that pulsing or otherwise varying "12 volt" supply is used to feed a constant currrent driver feeding a controlled current into the LED element of a lamp there is the risk that the pulsed supply will cause the current driver to operate in an unstable manner and hence be unable to properly control the current it is supplying through the LED. Halogen bulbs are available in a variety of different types and styles, each suited for a different use. Mains-Voltage Halogen Spotlights

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Hz AC from a wound transformer ( not an SMPS ) has a sine wave without sudden / instant / high frequency changes of voltage and AC/DC LED current drivers can operate on this smoothly varying supply without becoming unstable. High-powered specialist halogen capsules are also available for applications such as theatre, TV, film, or projector lighting. Uses at a Glance Bulb Style The power supply to LED bulbs can be one of a few devices, the old wire wound transformer will likely power LED lights for years with no problem, if designed for AC, many LED bulbs are marked 50/60 Hz, the switch mode power supply is likely not 50 Hz so no idea what the long term effect would be, however one designed for an output of 0 - 105 VA will likely work OK, however one designed for 35 - 105 with a LED below 35 watt will likely shut itself down. The DC power supply is not the answer either, although you can get DC bulbs rated 10 - 36 volt, in the main the bulbs are designed for AC, likely they will work with DC but in real terms it's just a guess. Unlike mains-voltage halogens, all low voltage halogen lamps require a 12V transformer, which is used to step down mains-voltage to individual or multiple low voltage bulbs, depending on maximum load. Linear Halogens

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